unc murder suspect tied to duke slaying

Last week, Lawrence Lovette Jr., 17, was arrested for the March 5 murder of University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson, which made national headlines. Lovette, along with 21-year-old James Atwater, were charged with first degree murder. It also turns out that Lovette faces murder and robbery charges in connection with the January 18 slaying of 29-year old Abhijit Mahato, who was found fatally shot inside his apartment near Duke University: UNC Murder Suspect Tied to Duke Slaying.

Mahato was a second-year doctoral candidate from India studying engineering, who sounds like he had quite a bright future ahead of him. Carson's and Mahato's deaths were tragic and senseless, but I have to wonder... why was Carson's murder so heavily reported on, while Mahato's death got so little press? I mean, the only reason why we're hearing about it now is because the killer is also connected to Carson's murder. Otherwise, he's just be another brown man who got shot. I'm glad the suspected murderers have been apprehended, but it's just worth noting the disparity in reporting.

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