woman disappears at airport

This is a really strange story out of Chicago... last week, Sumei Hu flew into O'Hare International Airport, returning from a long visit with her family in China. But somewhere between customs and the terminal waiting area, she disappeared. Vanished. And now her family and Chicago police are trying to determine what exactly happened to her: Cops, family search for woman who disappeared at O'Hare.

Video footage shows Hu arrive at O'Hare last Tuesday on an Amerian Airlines flight from Tokyo, then checking in at customs. Then... gone. It's just really fishy. Aren't there like a billion cameras at the airport? One of them had to see where she went. Investigators are apparently sifting through all the airport footage. My guess? She took off. Got tired of the husband she met through the internet—who turned out not to be not-so-great—and decided to start a new life in Utah or something. Just my guess.

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