another asian guy makes school shooting threats

What the hell? Something weird in the air lately... The other day, there was this Asian guy with a cache of weapons in Florida who arrested for making Virginia Tech-like threats on the internet. Now, there's news of another guy in Sacramento who allegedly made vague threats against an unspecified San Diego campus: Local colleges alerted to vague shooting threats. And yes, you guessed it, the guy is Asian. Thai Tranh Dang, 22, allegedly made the threats while in custody in Sacramento:
"He said something like, 'I might be the next school shooter,' and was specific enough to say San Diego, but not a specific college," said Lt. Lamine Secka of the San Diego State University campus police. "Any time we get word of any threat, we take it very seriously, certainly."

Secka said he didn't know why Dang was in jail for a few months.

The safety alert from Sacramento said Dang has threatened in the past to kill police officers. Dang may have a relative in San Diego, but was not known to have attended school here, Secka said.
Yeah, vague is right. Dang was released from jail on March 26, and authorities have apparently been "keeping an eye on him" since then. Meanwhile, the University of California San Diego and the University of San Diego have poasted alerts, along with Dang's photo and description, on their campus police websites.

Dang is described as 5'10", about 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He is known to drive a blue 1973 Lincoln Continental with California license 012HBU or a white 1995 Ford Explorer with California license 3MUG913. Watch your back. What's with all the crazy Asian dudes coming out of the woodwork? One thing's for sure: the media loves to report them.

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