another story on chink's steaks

The Chink's Steaks controversy continues, this time picking up with a story in the Washington Post, which gives a basic overview of the situation: Asian Groups Fight to Change Eatery's Name.

For those unfamiliar with the controversy, there is an actual restaurant in Philadelphia called Chink's Steaks. And it's been around for years. It was named years ago after the original owner, who earned the nickname as a child because he supposedly had "slanted, Asian-looking eyes."

Thus now, the restaurant is named after a racial slur, and the owner, Joseph Groh, refuses to change it. Basically, all parties involved acknowledge that it's an unfortunate name for the restaurant, and yet there are those who are adamant that the name should stick for the sake of "tradition."

What's really going on here? Brothers and sisters, let's be real. How is it that this restaurant is still named for this offensive, hurtful racial slur, and an entire city doesn't give a damn? If this restaurant had been named for the "n-word" back in 1949... well, let's face it, it wouldn't be around anymore.

But I guess people are okay and comfortable with "chink." The fact of the matter is, people don't seem to mind that Asian Americans are affected by this derogatory term. As long as nobody gets in the way of their cheesesteaks. That's racist!

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