armed robber targeting asian students at ut

According to police at the University of Texas at Austin, a masked robber has recently been targeting Asian students on campus: Third armed robbery reported on UT campus. This morning a student reported an armed robbery that happened yesterday between 5:30 and 6:00pm at Taylor Hall. The suspect description is the same as in two previous robberies—a male approximately 6" tall, medium to muscular build, wearing a mask and gloves, and brandishing a weapon. In each instance, the suspect has demanded money.

This is the third reported armed robbery at UT in three weeks. The first robbery occurred April 3 at the Music Recital Hall and the second occurred on April 16 at Robert Lee Moore Hall. All three victims are Asian students.

Once again, we have string of crimes where Asians are specifically being targeted. Why does this keep happening? Is it because perpetrators think Asians are weak, easy targets? That we won't speak out, or won't fight this? To hell with that. That's racist! These assholes need to be caught. To all my friends at UT, stay strong and stay vigilant.

UTPD is asking all students, faculty, and staff to be alert and report suspicious activity. It's about safety in numbers. Avoid studying, working, or walking alone. If you have to study or work alone, lock yourself into your room/study room/office or sit facing the door. If you must walk alone, stay in well lighted areas were there are other people around. You can also contact UTPD at 471-4441 to arrange for a Sure Walk escort.

If you know any information regarding these three robberies please contact our Criminal Investigations Unit at (512) 232-9640. As always, if you see any type of suspicious activity, please contact UTPD at 471-4441 or 911 from any campus phone.

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