bobby jindal on the tonight show

Dude. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night: Late Night Laughs on McCain Veep Prospects. See the above clip. Is this man the future of the Republican party?

Believe it or not, for several months, the young Republican governor—the nation's first Indian American governor—has been discussed as a possible running-mate for John McCain. No joke. And now, his national profile has gotten a bit of a boost with this appearance on Leno. Could we actually see an Indian American vice presidential candidate running this fall?

Jindal has repeatedly dismissed the possibility, saying he intends to be governor for four years and run for a second term: Jindal says McCain won't ask him to be vice president. However, he hasn't definitively said that he'd refuse McCain if the opportunity arose. I guess I'd be more excited by this possibility if only Jindal's politics weren't so divergent from my own.

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