cafferty calls chinese "goons and thugs"

Well, we know the China-bashing has been going on for quite some time, even before this whole Olympic torch controversy began. Not that some of it isn't justified—no doubt, I always appreciate critical, nuanced examinations of China and its government's shortcomings. What I don't appreciate is outright fear-mongering, scapegoating and name-calling... which is exactly what Jack Cafferty recently did on CNN, calling the Chinese "goons and thugs." Yeah, really classy, Jack. Is this guy being paid for his "expert" analysis? The video's quality is poor, but you can hear it pretty clearly here.

Normally, I'd just call him an idiot and be done with it, but his comments seem to have struck a nerve with people. Cafferty's remarks have sparked an online petition calling for an apology: Demand for Apology from CNN and Situation Room. You say something like that on national television, you're going to have to deal with the repercussions.

UPDATE: The Chinese Foreign Ministry is demanding that Jack Cafferty apologize for remarks he made on CNN last week, in which he called the Chinese "goons and thugs" and said products manufactured in China are "junk": China demands apology from Cafferty.

UPDATE: Sorry, China. I imagine that's about as good of an apology as you're going to get: China snubs CNN apology over Cafferty remarks.

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