chinese lawyers sue cnn for $1.3 billion

The fallout continues over CNN commentator Jack Cafferty's "goons and thugs" remarks... According to a Hong Kong newspaper, a group of Chinese lawyers are now suing CNN, saying that Cafferty's comments "seriously violated and abused the reputation and dignity of the plaintiffs as Chinese people, and caused serious spiritual and psychological injury to the plaintiffs": Chinese lawyers sue CNN over 'goons' remark.

The lawyers are seeking the restoration of the Chinese people's reputation through publications and in the media and asked for $1.3 billion—a dollar, apparently, for each person in the world's most populated country. I think these guys don't have much chance of winning... but if they are indeed triumphant, what I want to know how they plan on distributing $1 each to 1.3 billion people.

Meanwhile, here's another Los Angeles Times story on the protests by Chinese Americans in the United States over Cafferty's remarks, part of a wave of nationalism that has swept across Chinese communities around the world: Protest over 'goons' remark reflects a shift in Chinese Americans' views

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