columbia student killed by car while fleeing muggers

Just heard about 24-year-old Minghui Yu, a Columbia University graduate student who was killed when he was struck by a car on Friday night: Popular Columbia student battled attackers before tragic car hit. He was coming home from his girlfriend's place when he was attacked by two muggers. He tried fighting them off before fleeing into traffic, where he was struck and killed by oncoming traffic. Yu was apparently a pretty popular student, well-liked and very active in the university's Chinese Students and Scholars Association. It's very sad. More here: Vehicle Kills Student, 24, as He Flees 2 Attackers.

EDIT: A 13-year-old boy was arrested and charged with manslaughter Saturday night in connection with the death of a Minghui Yu: 13-year-old boy charged in death of Columbia student. The teen was caught on surveillance video attacking Yu before he ran away into traffic and was hit by a car. It's beginning to look like the attack wasn't a robbery, but some sort of altercation. A source said the arrested boy told cops he boasted to his 15-year-old pal before attacking Yu, "Look what I do to this one." Cops are still searching for the second attacker. Possible hate crime? We'll see what evidence suggests.

UPDATE: More on Minghui Yu: Friends, Faculty Mourn Death of Minghui Yu

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