the countdown to harold and kumar

Anticipation grows for Harold and Kumar Escape and Kumar Guantanamo Bay, which opens in theaters this Friday. While the first movie has a lot of crazy, rabid fans, most people probably don't realize that White Castle actually only made about $18 million at the domestic box office—not a huge hit, by most standards. But the movie really took off on DVD, gaining bona fide cult hit status in dorm rooms acorss the country. I have a feeling the comedy duo will do a lot better at the box office this time around.

So, what makes Harold and Kumar so appealing, particularly among Asian American audiences? It's more than just fart jokes and boob jokes (though, there are plenty of those to go around). There's definitely something more to it... Here's an interesting Newsday story looking at the Harold and Kumar phenomenon: 'Escape From Guantanamo Bay': What's it about? (Full disclosure: I'm quoted in the article.) And another article on the movie, from a political and racial standpoint, here: Mining Post-9/11 America for Laughs.

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