court charges suspect for assaulting minghui yu

In New York, the teenager charged with assaulting Columbia University graduate Minghui Yu was arraigned in Family Court last week: Court Charges Suspect for Assaulting Yu. Yu was fleeing from the assault when he was struck by a passing car. He died a few hours later at the hospital of severe head trauma. 14-year-old "Sheldon J," who was questioned and arrested at the assault scene, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter.

The suspect apparently attacked Yu to impress some friends. That's pretty damn infuriating. He later told police that he tried to stop Minghui from running into oncoming traffic on Broadway, but Minghui pushed him away: Suspect Says He Tried To Stop Yu's Fatal Run. Ah, so he was concerned with Minghui's safety? Call me crazy, but it would've been nice if Sheldon had exhibited the same kind of concern when he chose to attack Minghui in the first place.

Meanwhile, Minghui Yu's parents arrived in New York City on Thursday night. Zhaofu and Aihu Qi Yu were granted travel visas to fly to New York from China to plan their son's memorial service: Yu Family Granted Visas. Thought the process can often take weeks or months, they were given expedited visas just two days after submitting their request to the State Department. Sadly, their first trip outside of China is for the purpose of burying their son.

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