disgruntled chef challenges boss to meat cleaver duel

This story amuses the hell out of me, simply because of the imagery it evokes. It's like out of a movie or something... In Scotland, a "crazed" Chinese chef challenged his boss—who had just fired him—to a duel... with meat cleavers. Oh, he wasn't messing around: Disgruntled chef challenged boss to meat cleaver duel.

After arguing with owner, Tat Chung Cheung, over a work permit, Xian Ming Wang grabbed the knives, placed a cleaver on the shop counter and screamed, "One for me and one for you." He then vowed to chop Mr. Cheung up, adding, "I have already chopped up a man--and I will do the same to you." How they settled things in the old country, I guess.

Wang admitted challenging his former to a fight, making threats of violence, brandishing the cleavers and placing a couple in a state of fear and alarm. He was jailed for seven months. That's straight up gangsta.

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