filipino american reporter wins pulitzer prize

This news is a couple of weeks old, but I wanted to give some major props to Jose Antonio Vargas, who recently won the Pulitzer Prize in the breaking news category. He shares the award with other Washington Post reporters for a package of nine stories, two of which he wrote: Filipino Washington Post Reporter Wins Pulitzer.

Vargas wrote two front page stories on the Virginia Tech massacre, one of which included one of the first few interviews with an eyewitness to the shooting. And he found him on Facebook! He also wrote a story on how Virginia Tech students were using the internet "to let each other know what was going on, because it was chaotic" at the time. Nice work.

This is particularly cool news to me because Jose actually wrote an article about angryasianman.com a while back, almost three years ago, for the Washington Post: Incensed And Empowered. The profile put a very unexpected but interesting and welcome spotlight on this website. I've always appreciated that. Congratulations, Jose.

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