filipino veterans benefits debated in senate

Lots of movement this week regarding S. 1315, the Veterans Benefits Enhancement Act... Yesterday, U.S. senators battled over whether to give pension benefits to aging Filipino veterans who fought alongside U.S. forces in the Philippines during World War II. This has been a long time coming, and to me, it's about justice.

The proposal would provide about $300 a month to some 18,000 Filipino World War II veterans living in the Philippines, but is opposed by President George W. Bush and Senate Republicans who say the Democratic-backed provision is too generous: Senate Battles Over Filipino Veterans Benefits.

In my opinion, this debate shouldn't even be happening. These veterans, who answered the call and risked their lives for the United States' war effort, should've been entitled to these benefits from the very beginning. Their recognition is long overdue. The average age of these veterans is 80 and time is running out to do what's right.

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