lodestone theatre ensemble presents trapezoid

Southern California theater fans, I've got one for you... The award-winning Lodestone Theatre Ensemble kicks off its 9th season with the world premiere of Nic Cha Kim's Trapezoid. And this time, there going somewhere a little bit different.

Trapezoid, Lodestone's very first science-fiction mainstage production, tells the story of a Korean American poet in love hired by a technology think tank to put the "art" in artificial intelligence. When the robot creation falls in love with the human creator, it's man-made versus mankind with sometimes comic and sometimes tragic results. Yeah, that happens sometimes. I have not seen the show, but I admit that I might curious to see some man-robot love.

The show premieres April 19 and runs through May 25 at GTC Burbank. The cast includes Julia Cho, Antonia Grace Glenn, Alberto Isaac, Lanny Joon, Elaine Kao, Charles Kim, Ryan Mercado, Leonard Wu, Elpidio Ebuen, John Fukuda, Grace Kim, Stephanie Lincoln, Brian P Nichols and Enoch Wu. For more information about Trapezoid, go here.

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