more of the same from chinese laundry

Looks like Chinese Laundry is at it again. The newly opened "Asian fusion" restaurant, located in Providence, RI, was the subject of some controversy last month after running an ad in the Providence Monthly featuring a headless, tattoed naked woman's body. What this had to do with "Asian" food is anyone's guess, but I'm sure it stirred the hearts of Rhode Island's Asian fetish freaks.

After some heated outcry from Asian American community members, Chow Fun Group "maestro" John Elkhay said he would pull the ads. Great. So what happens? The modified ad above, for Chinese Laundry, was recently spotted in the current issue of Providence Monthly. I don't know about you, but to me, this really isn't a hell of a lot better than the first one. It's the same freaking ad! Elkhay seems to have missed the point. Once again, it's the same kind of racist, sexist objectification.

Ridiculous, really. If this makes you angry (again), and you'd like to voice your opinion to the appropriate people, may I direct you to John Elkhay's contact information:

John Elkhay
Chow Fun Food Group
201 Wayland Square
Providence, RI 02906

Also consider writing to the Providence Monthly, who published the ad:

Providence Monthly
167 Valley Street
Providence RI 02909
Phone 401.521.0023 /// Fax 401.521.0024

Of course, by now, they've heard it all. If Chow Fun Group didn't really get it the first time around, I highly doubt they're interested in changing their minds over another round of angry letters. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't contact them anyway. (Thanks, Wen.)

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