protect yourself from the "beacon hill groper"

In Seattle, the "Beacon Hill Groper" is still on the loose. For months, a man has been targeting Asian women as they walk to and from a number of bus stops, sometimes in broad daylight. This sicko has assaulted more than 25 victims, and while no on has been raped or critically hurt, he is getting increasingly bold and brazen in his attacks. Until he's caught police are asking people to be careful and vigilant.

Last week, dozens of women attended a bi-lingual workshop, taught by a black belt karate instructor, on how to protect themselves and get away if they find themselves in such a situation. They were advised to remain calm and stay strong if they're ever targeted: Women learn to protect themselves from Beacon Hill groper. Ladies, stay strong, and stay safe. And somebody, please catch this sick-ass loser.

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