racist comic strip in the dartmouth

Okay. I'll admit, I don't know the full context behind this controversy at Dartmouth, nor do I have the time or energy to fully research the issues at hand. However, what I do know is that last week, The Dartmouth published a comic strip that personally attacked an Asian American student with racist and sexist remarks. The comic is directed at a student named Bonnie Lam, who is apparently organizing student opposition to a recent lawsuit launched by members of the Association of Alumni.

Again, I don't really know much about the background of this lawsuit, but it's obvious that this comic has nothing to do with the actual debate, and merely goes for the cheap shot racist jokes, since Ms. Lam happens to be Asian American. The comic, reproduced above, is really difficult to read, so here's the text:
"Hey, Flex, you hear Dartmouth is outsourcing propaganda?"
"Why? So they can eliminate democracy and fudgepack the board?"
Somewhere in Asia ...
"Bone-y Ram, time for bed!:
"Just finishing my work for Dartmouth Undying, Mommy."
"Don't make me spank you!"
"From the Students to Alumni: 'lawsuit is taking away our abilrity for dialrog'
** don't tell anyone, especially students."
"Who is Bone-y-Ram?"
"Another self proclaimed hooker ... I mean leader."
"Ha ha. Mail order brides were better in 1891."
Do I have to say it? That's racist! While the comic made it into Thursday's print version of The Dartmouth, it looks like it's been pulled from the publication's website. See here: Comic Controversy. And here: Comic Description (and Pictures). Here's a note from The Darthmouth's Editor-in-Chief Katy O'Donnell apologizing and accepting responsibility for the publication of the cartoon: Editor's Note. The cartoon, "BlarFlex" by Alex Felix and James Bleuer, which appeared regularly in the paper on Tuesdays and Thursdays, has been discontinued. Good riddance.

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