uc riverside dropout pleads guilty to bomb scare

Remember this guy? Last June, ex-UC Riverside student Audley Yung was arrested for plotting and threatening to the firebomb the school. Graduation was quickly approaching, and Audley didn't want to break it to his parents that he had actually dropped out of school a while ago. Rather than sucking it up and telling mom the bad news, he instead threatened to detonate explosives during commencement in order to scare officials into canceling graduation. A bomb threat, in order to avoid his parents' disappointment. Yeah. Not a very smart plan.

Last week, Yung pleaded guilty in Riverside County Superior Court to possessing a destructive device and making threats: Ex-student admits to bomb scare so mom wouldn't know he quit. He's facing three years in prison when he's sentenced on June 12. Ouch, you idiot. I imagine Audley is feeling pretty stupid right now. A year ago, he was just a college dropout. Not great, but hardly hopeless. Now he's facing three years in a jail cell. And he was worried about disappointing his parents? The kid would've been better off telling the truth.

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