beau sia at the apia presidential town hall

I wasn't able to make it to the National Presidential Town Hall this past weekend at UC Irvine. Everybody was there, apparently. Even Kaba Modern! I heard it was interesting event, with Asian Pacific Americans coming out in full force to show they we are, indeed, a political power in this race to be reckoned with.

Too bad the candidates don't quite think so. At least, not enough to carve to out time in their schedules to show up to the event. John "I Hate Gooks" McCain was too busy appearing on Saturday Night Live. Granted, the candidates had representation at the event on their behalf. Hillary Clinton delivered a canned video address. And Barack Obama participated by phone and even took questions. But still, their lack of real presence at the event... it stings a little, doesn't it? How about a little love?

I think Beau Sia's performance at the Town Hall (video above), addressing the candidates, hits the nail on the head. Beau is my hero. And this blog entry by Jeff Chang, once again, is completely on point: The Candidates Have An Asian American Problem.

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