dale eliminated from top chef

Aw, dammit. Big bummer on Bravo's Top Chef tonight. Dale got eliminated. I was totally rooting for him, and thought he was one of the strongest chefs on the show, so I was pretty disappointed to see get the boot. In my opinion, he had the chops to make it to the final four, but bad decisions and poor planning got the best of him in the latest elimination challenge.

If you've been watching the show, you know that Dale has had the tendency to come off as cocky, unfriendly and abrasive. He made it pretty obvious from the beginning that he wasn't there to make friends. I actually respected for that—being a chef came first, he wasn't going to take any B.S., and he was going to let his food speak for itself. He's better than some of the remaining chefs, and I'm truly bummed to see him go. Check out video of his exit interview here.

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