donut shop robber shot and killed

This is a news story out Fort Worth about a donut shop robbery attempt in which the suspect ended up shot and killed: Fort Worth Donut Shop Robber Shot & Killed. The shop owner, Chong Im Randal, says that a masked robber, Richard Lane, broke into her store around 1:30am with what looked like a rifle. He stole money from the cash drawer, beat Randal up and tried to steal her car. Meanwhile, her neighbor heard the commotion next door, grabbed his shotgun and ran over to help. He ended up shooting and killing the robber.

I'm glad Ms. Randal survived the robbery. What bothers me about this story is how she's depicted as such a stereotypical victim. Asian donut shop owner attacked by would-be robber, saved by her shotgun-toting white neighbor. That's Texas justice, baby. They even have a quote from the D.A. proclaiming "John Wayne in our blood." And of course, the news story is littered with Randal's broken English quotes: "I say you not to shoot. Okay, you kill me I'm going to heaven. You go to jail." Argh. (Thanks, Victor.)

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