he talks to dead people

Here's a great profile in the Washington Post on actor Ken Leung: Ken Leung: Quiet Actor, Always Kept to Himself... He plays Miles, the guy with some very interesting paranormal abilities, on ABC's Lost—a show you all know I love. The guy is a talented actor whose career I've been following for years, and his addition to the cast of Lost this season has been great.

Ken got a lot of attention for his memorable role as a mental patient during the last season of HBO's The Sopranos. Very intense. His performance impressed Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse so much, they wrote a part a specifically for him as one of the new characters on the show—no audition necessary. How cool is that?

Before his role on The Sopranos, you may remember Ken as the spiky dude from X-Men 3. Or the bad guy thug with blond-dyed hair from the original Rush Hour. And of course, there's his memorable turn as Don the karaoke machine salesman in Edward Norton's Keeping the Faith. Hilarious.

However, my personal favorite Ken Leung part was his starring role as a gangster Lincoln Ma in Sucker Free City. Directed by Spike Lee, it was the pilot episode for a Showtime series on San Francisco's ethnic gangs. It was brilliant, but was unfortunately never able to get off the ground as a series. I highly recommend checking it out on DVD. Anyway, see Ken this Thursday on the highly-anticipated season finale of Lost.

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