"media messengers" panel at the la asian pacific film festival

Had a great time last night at Opening Night of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. They know how to throw a party. This is coming together kind of last minute, but I'll be participating in a festival panel discussion on Saturday called Media Messengers: Asian Pacific Americans and Our Political Voice. The seminar was originally supposed to be feature Eric Byler and Annabel Park, but it seems they can't participate due to scheduling conflicts. So I've been asked to take part, alongside some cool other "media messengers." Here's the program description:
Where are Asian Americans in the election process and how will our voices count? Come join filmmakers Eric Byler, Annabelle Park and other special guests for an exciting discussion on how Asian American filmmakers and actors are taking it upon themselves to activate the Asian American voter bloc. Whether its championing a presidential candidate or appearing in a Get Out the Vote campaign, learn how they are embracing media tools and the Internet to level the political playing field and ensure that our voices are being heard.
It's happening on Saturday, May 3, noon at the Directors Guild of America in West Hollywood. If you're in the area, come on out and sit in on the discussion. And if you're hanging around the vicinity tonight, check out some of the screenings and programs like Francis Hsueh and Steven Hahn's Pretty To Think So, Alexi Tan's Blood Brothers, and Gina Kim's Never Forever. For more information about the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, visit the website here.

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