miley cyrus, step your game up

Been getting a handful of emails about this, but I first spotted it over at Disgrasian... It seems that it's all about the dance battles lately.

Here's the situation, as I understand it. A few weeks back, Step Up 2 the Streets director Jon M. Chu and actor Adam Sevani assembled a crew together, ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew), to challenge Miley [Cyrus] and Mandy [Jiroux] to "The Biggest Online Dance Battle in YouTube history." Impressive.

Shortly thereafter, Miley and Mandy (M&M Cru) responded with a crazy battle video of their own. With even an appearance from Step Up star Channing Tatum. Slick. The video becomes a YouTube sensation of sorts.

Well, last week, ACDC shot back with another video... and it's downright epic, featuring a legion of dancers of all sorts, including the JabbaWockeeZ, Hok Konishi... and, um, Adam Sandler. Wow. Things just got out of hand. Is this what it looks like, to get served?

Clearly, these people all have waaaaay too much extra time on their hands.

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