my sassy girl remake going straight to dvd

For the many fans of the South Korean romantic comedy My Sassy Girl who were upset over news of the already-in-the-can Hollywood remake, here's some news that may warm your heart. It looks like the remake, starring Elisha Cuthbert as the sassy girl in question, will not be coming to a theater near you. Ever. It is instead being unceremoniously dumped to a direct-to-DVD release: My Sassy Girl direct to video. The movie will hit DVD shelves on August 26.

It seems that the powers that be got the same feeling we did after seeing the awful trailer that hit the web a little while back: this movie sucks. I guess they decided to cut their losses and maximize their money on DVD, rather than spring the precious marketing dollars for a full theatrical release.

I've always thought remaking this movie was a bad idea. Some of the funniest, most charming aspects of the original movie are inextricably tied to South Korean culture and society—things you just can't translate. Hopefully, the remake will now just fade away and be forgotten. You're better off watching the original My Sassy Girl.

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