new jersey killer was a high-stakes gambler

Some details on Kang-Hyuk Choi, the 32-year-old man arrested for murdering three people in their New Jersey home in a dispute over money. The guy was apparently a regular at casinos and known for being an agressive, high-stakes gambler at the poker table, sometimes dropping $10,000 or $12,000 at a time. He also apparently never spoke a word: Suspect in Tenafly killings portrayed as high-stakes gambler. Kind of fitting that he was eventually caught in a casino.

Choi, escorted by detectives from Bergen County, arrived in New Jersey yesterday after an early morning flight from Los Angeles. Held without bail in the Bergen County Jail, he is due in court this afternoon to face three counts of murder in the stabbing deaths of Han Il Kim, 27; Yoo Bok Kim, 57; and Doo Soo Seo, 70.

The article suggests that it remains to be seen whether Choi's gambling has any connection to the dispute that led to the killings. Personally, I think anyone who gambled the way Choi did, and consistently losing and winning that kind of money, is probably headed for some kind of trouble. But triple murder? Dammmn.

UPDATE: Kang-Hyuk Choi pleaded not guilty in Superior Court this afternoon to charges that he murdered Han Il Kim, Yoo Bok Kim and Doo Soo Seo. However, prosecutors say that Choi admitted to the killings when interviewed by detectives after his arrest in Los Angeles three days ago: Accused murderer confessed, prosecutors say.

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