participants needed for korean american national survey

This applies to my Korean American brothers and sisters out there... The USC School of Social Work's Center for Asian Pacific Leadership is currently asking folks to participate in the Korean American National Survey, the first large-scale and comprehensive survey of the Korean American community across the nation. Their goal is collect 10,000 surveys by the end of the month. Here's the official blurb I received from my man, soul brother Je Hoon Lee, Ph. D:
We ask for your assistance in participating and distributing the Korean American National Survey. The online and Korean language media outlet campaign officially launched May 1, 2008 and runs until the end of the month. The goal of the Korean American National Survey (KANS 2008) is to create the first and largest-scale comprehensive portrait of the Korean-American community across the nation with approximately 10,000 respondents!

The survey is completely bilingual and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and covers the following areas 1) Demographics, 2) Economic Activity and Employment, 3) Culture and Identity, 4) Family, Health, and Social Welfare, and 5) Religion and Politics. The resulting database of information will be the largest-ever for Korean Americans and will be made available as open source, impacting scholars, community leaders, non-profit agencies as well as U.S. and Korean government agencies trying to better understand and serve Korean Americans.

Korean-Americans have traditionally been UNDER-counted through traditional survey methods, including the comprehensive US National Census. Having a large-scale database for our community, such as this, will go a long way towards increasing our community?s power to advocate for more federal and state services as well as corporate marketing dollars!

Please assist us by reaching out to your networks and organizations in distributing and encouraging participation in this survey! We can also provide a special "group code" for organizations/groups/churches etc. anyone who has a large enough membership base that they would like to understand better through a completely confidential comprehensive survey. At the end of the research analysis period, we would be able to provide you with information about your group versus the national norms for Korean-Americans.

To participate in the survey, please go to: www.koreanamericannationalsurvey.org or www.kansurvey.org.

To encourage participation we have prepared some raffle prizes. One must complete the survey to be eligible and prizes include:

- 2 Free Roundtrip Tickets to Seoul, Korea (1st prize - 1 winner)

- 1 Big Screen Television (2nd prize - 1 winner)

- 1 iPod (3rd prize - 5 winners)

The most easily distributed format will be online but we are more than happy to provide hard copies to those who request them. Please be reminded that 2nd generation and younger Korean Americans are often underrepresented in these types of studies. We hope that the bilingual online format will make it easy for more of you to participate!!

Thank you again for your assistance and let us know if you have any questions. Please contact us for a group code for your organization, if you?re interested!

Je Hoon Lee, Ph. D.
Research Associate Professor and Director
Center for Asian Pacific Leadership
School of Social Work
University of Southern California
As it notes, they're particularly looking for participation from second generation and younger Korean Americans, who are often underrepresented in these types of studies. To take part, just follow the link to the survey here. The information the Center gathers will be very valuable and informative, so consider taking some time out to participate.

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