rain/colbert dance off!

So we've been following along with ongoing Rain/Stephen Colbert "feud." The rivalry began a few years back when the Korean pop star defeated Comedy Central's faux news host in TIME's annual online poll of the world's most influential person.

In some of his most inspired bits, Colbert shot back with various pokes at Rain, including his own K-pop music video. Recently, Rain talked a little smack back, advising Stephen not to quit his day job. As it happens neither of them actually came out on top in the poll this year: Colbert, Rain Not Most Influential.

Ultimately, Colbert challenged Rain to come on the show for a "dance off," so their struggle for world dominance could finally be settled. Would it happen? There were some rumors rumbling last week that Rain was spotted in and around the Colbert Report studio, getting folks excited about the possibility.

Well, the showdown happened last night, and indeed, it was a true battle for greatness. It didn't happen on the live show, but in the "after-hours," apparently: Rain Dance Off. Hilarious. Colbert, you got served.

With Rain trying to take his mega-pop stardom into the United States, including his upcoming appearance in Speed Racer, this is fantastic exposure. And he seems pretty good-natured to play along. The feud with Colbert might end up being the best thing to happen for Rain's future in America.

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