roy pearson wants his job back

Roy Pearson, would you please just give it up? Just go away, dude. As you may remember, the former DC administrative judge made headlines last year after suing the Chung family, owners of Custom Cleaners, for $54 million over an alleged missing pair of pants. He lost.

Not too long after that, a city panel decided not to reappoint Pearson after his term expired. My guess, it probably had something to do with the fact that his judgment was now severely under question after filing a ridiculous lawsuit like that. So he go the boot.

However, true to form, last week Pearson filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing city government and others of an "unlawful demotion and subsequent termination": Judge in pants lawsuit sues to get job back. Dude, Roy. You lost your job because you're a fool. Give it the f#@% up.

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