student sets sikh teen's turban on fire

This is unbelievable. In New Jersey, police are investigating a report that a high school student lit a Sikh's teens turban on fire: Teen Accused Of Setting Student's Turban On Fire. And no, it wasn't an accident.

The fire was apparently lit last week during a fire drill. While the Sikh student—one of the two in the school who wear a turban—was talking with a friend, someone lit his turban on fire. Fortunately, the victim was able to put out the fire before any physical damage was done.

According to the story, no charges have apparently been filed. What the hell? No charges? How is that possible? The Sikh Coalition is calling for a full investigation and asking for Highstown High School to do more to combat discrimination against Sikhs.

UPDATE: Garrett Green, the kid who set the Sikh's student on fire, has been charged by police and banned by school officials from Hightstown High School's campus: N.J. student banned in torching of kid's turban. Green won't be allowed to attend prom or graduation. He's due in court today on charges of arson and criminal mischief.

What about hate crime charges? There has to be some level of malicious discrimination involved with setting someone's turban on fire. I doubt this guy would've randomly set fire to someone's baseball cap. There's more to it that just a mischievous kid with a lighter.

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