welcome to the ravens, haruki nakamura

Here's a recent profile in the Baltimore Sun on Ravens rookie safety Haruki Nakamura, a sixth-round pick for Baltimore in the NFL draft: New Raven Nakamura a man on move. Some interesting facts I learned about Haruki Nakamura:

While there are and have been Asian Americans in professional football, he is currently the only player of Japanese descent in the NFL. At least, he can't think of any others. I can't either.

He graduated in 3 1/2 years from the University of Cincinnati with a major in criminal justice and a minor in communications.

He's 5 feet 10 and weighs 190 pounds.

Haruki's father, Ryozo, was an eighth-degree black belt in judo. His mother, Karen, is a fourth-degree black belt. Haruki and his two older brothers, Yoshi and Mako, have been national champions in judo. Don't mess.

His father never wanted him to play football. He thought it was too dangerous.

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