aaron yoo is lohan's fake baby daddy

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Yoo has signed on to play Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend in Labor Pains, which is currently in production: Aaron Yoo Gets to Date Lindsay Lohan.

Yes, you read that correctly. Lindsay's boyfriend. The movie follows a young woman who fakes a pregnancy to keep her nasty boss from firing her. So I guess Aaron is the fake dad. Is he in on the ruse? Or is the poor guy led to believe he knocked up Lindsay? I guess we'll find out.

Aaron is definitely a rising star, popping up over the last year or so with roles in high profile movies like Disturbia and 21, as well as indie films like Rocket Science and The Wackness. And now Labor Pains. Hopefully, Lohan will stay out of rehab long enough to finish the movie...

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