accused molester caught in taiwan

Ugh. Asian Behaving Badly... drugging, molesting, photo-taking doctor edition. In Pleasanton, California, a doctor was arraigned on charges that he drugged men, secretly took photos and then molested them: Doctor accused of molesting patients. Tony Shiu has been on the run for almost two years, but finally caught by authorities last week in Taipei, where he has been living quietly under the alias Tony Jiang.

He is accused of drugging two men and sexually assaulting one of them in his home back in August 2006. When the two men went to police, investigators searched Shiu's home and found 450 digital photographs of exposed men who appeared to be drugged and unconscious.

Soon after the search of his home, Shiu disappeared. A $1 million warrant was issued for his arrest, which is when he apparently fled to Taiwan to live in hiding for the last 21 months. It seems that he was about to get married to a Taiwanese woman, but when he filled out some of the necessary paperwork, he slipped up and used his real passport. Gotcha, sucka! Caught. You sicko.

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