bad tv alert: I survived a japanese game show

A bunch of folks wrote in to tell me about ABC's upcoming new reality/game show, I Survived a Japanese Game Show. I saw the promo for the first time last week during Lost... and it pretty much looks like what the title suggests. Ten Americans—many of whom have never traveled outside the United States—are whisked away to Japan to compete in the ultimate Japanese game show. Hilarity ensues.

According to the ABC website, some of the games/challenges that contestants will have to endure include "Why Is This Food So Hard to Eat," "Crazy Crane Finds Fluffy Bear," and "Chicken Butt Scramble." Greeaaaat. Kind of amazing how the network that is home to an inventive, challenging show like Lost can also feed us this garbage. I am deeply saddened on behalf of humanity.

Granted, Japanese television is responsible for some craziest stuff I have ever seen. But this has nothing to do with opening viewers' minds or increasing international understanding. This is nothing but a great opportunity for producers to point fingers and say, wow, looks how wacky and strange the Japanese are! American audiences will eat it up. That's racist! The show premieres on June 24. No thank you.

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