demonstrators getting rowdy in flushing

After years of Falun Gong practitioners quietly assembling in Flushing to promote their views and denounce the Chinese government, the gatherings have recently become kind of rowdy. A few weeks ago, the gatherings became turbulent when counterdemonstrators started confronting the Falung Gong people: Longtime Anti-Beijing Protests Provoke a Sudden and Angry Backlash.

According to the New York Times, heated words have been exchanged, hats knocked from heads, and placards snatched from hands and flung to the ground. Last week, a tug-of-war apparently broke out over a politically-charged banner. It's gotten so bad that the police have gotten involved.

Last week, six counterdemonstrators were arrested after the scuffles in Flushing. Three were charged with assault and three with disorderly conduct. Is it just me, or is it that with all the anti-Chinese sentiment that's been slowly growing recently, some of the more nationalistic folks are starting to push back?

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