don lee's wrack and ruin

Just learned about Wrack and Ruin, the most recent novel from Don Lee, author of Country of Origin and the short story collection Yellow. It sounds like a weird, funny satire populated with quirky characters and relationships... but does it have a story? The book concerns the eccentric sculptor-turned-brussels sprout farmer, Lyndon Song, and his estranged brother, Woody, an uptight Hollywood producer. Here's the official publisher's description:
Lyndon Song, a renowned sculptor, has fled New York City to become a Brussels sprouts farmer in the small California town of Rosarita Bay. Lyndon has a brother, Woody, an indicted financier turned movie producer, and Woody has a plan, involving a golf-course resort on Lyndon's land and an aging kung-fu diva from Hong Kong with a mean kick and a meaner drinking problem.

A dreadlocked buddy with an artificial leg, a small plot of exceptionally lush marijuana, two field biologists studying western snowy plovers, a disgraced museum curator, and Lyndon's great love, the impulsive mayor of Rosarita Bay—these are only some of the complications in Lyndon and Woody's lives over one madcap Labor Day weekend.

Hilarious and philosophical, this many-hued novel about the landscape of contemporary "multicultural" America is critically acclaimed Don Lee's best book yet.
The book is currently out from W. W. Norton. Here's the New York Times book review from today: When Brothers Collide. Looks like yet another item to add to my endlessly growing list of books to read...

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