a double dose of michelle yeoh

Two trailers. Michelle Yeoh is one of my favorite actors, but hasn't really done much lately to get excited about... She's in this summer's The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, playing the sorceress Zijuan. Basically, Brendan Fraser must prevent Jet Li and his resurrected terra cotta army from taking over the world. Yay, white people save us from evil. Again. The movie opens August 1. View the trailer here.

Ms. Yeoh is also in Babylon A.D.. To be honest, I can barely tell what the movie is about, except that it features Vin Diesel yelling, and a lot of explosions. In the future. Michelle does appear to perform some asskicking, but my hopes aren't high for this movie either. This one's in theaters on August 29th. View the trailer here.

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