hate crime against sikh family in new mexico

Last week, a Sikh American family in Alberquerque, New Mexico discovered that their car had been defaced in an act of racist vandalism. According to the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Mr. and Mrs. Singh, who wish to remain anonymous, awoke in the morning to find their car vandalized with a picture of male genitalia and the statement, "F--k Alah." There's a photo of the offending grafitti here.

In addition, the family feels they have been victim to at least two previous bias crimes. Both of the previous incidents involved a single white male between the age of 20 and 30 shouting at the couple, and in one case involved an alleged physical attack with the man throwing stones at Mr. Singh. That's racist!

A formal complaint has been filed with the Albuquerque Police Department; however, the investigation is still ongoing. SALDEF's got the information here: HATE CRIME ALERT: New Mexico Family Become Victims of Bias Crime.

SALDEF urges the Sikh American community to report incidents of bias, regardless of how minor the situation may be perceived by local authorities, by calling 911 and contacting SALDEF at info@saldef.org or 877-917-4547.

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