I love jon and kate plus 8

I've been meaning to write about Jon & Kate Plus 8 for months. The show follows the daily lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin, an average American couple raising a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. Yes. Eight kids. Their situation is hardly typical, but they do the best they can to make sure their kids have a normal, happy childhood. I freaking love this show.

I've been following the show for months. I started as a casual viewer, and now I can't stop watching. Every Monday night on TLC, I'm tuning in. I'll watch the repeats—even the ones I've already seen multiple times. This definitely isn't my usual kind of show, but something about it is really engaging and wonderful. I love this family. I love how real they are. And the kids are ridiculously cute. My favorite one is Aaden, "the professor."

I'm told that the show has become one of TLC's biggest hits, which is awesome. It makes them one of the most prominent, widely-viewed Asian American families (Jon is Korean American) on television. Someday, these kids will grow up and fully comprehend how crazy their lives really were... and realize just how awesome their parents are.

To learn more about the show, go here. To learn more about the Gosselin family, visit their website here. Jon and Kate will also have a book published in November, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets.

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