in theaters this weekend: get smart

Get Smart opens in theaters today. Starring Steve Carell, it's the feature film version of the classic spy comedy TV series. I saw the movie the other day, and it's okay. A little underwhelming, but not terrible.

Heroes' Masi Oka has a small role in the movie as Bruce, one of the techie guys at Control. From the Los Angeles Times, here are 10 things you may not know about 'Get Smart's' Masi Oka. He's essentially the same character he plays in Heroes, minus the teleportation and time travel, and he speaks perfect English. But I guess his character was compelling enough to produce a direct-to-video spinoff movie, Get Smart's Bruce Lloyd Out of Control, in stores on July 1.

Also in theaters today, The Love Guru. This movie looks awful. The end.

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