manny pacquiao is the best in boxing

Though everyone in the Philippines was sure of it already, this weekend, Manny Pacquiao made if official: he is a badass. Unquestionably. On Saturday night in Las Vegas, the 29-year-old Filipino boxer destroyed David Diaz to win the WBC lightweight title, capturing a title in his fourth weight class—the first Asian boxer ever to do so: All hail the new king. More here: Pacquiao wins lightweight belt by flooring Diaz in 9th.

The feat has convinced a lot of people that Pacquiao is quite possibly the best fighter, pound-for-pound, in the sport of boxing. But like I said, the Philippines already knew that. How much do they love him in his home country? Manila police reported no major crimes on Sunday during the fight. The entire city—even the crooks—was glued to a radio or TV for the duration of the bout: No crimes reported during Pacquiao fight.

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