real fight is back

A few years back, the Thai action flick Ong Bak introduced audiences to a new kind of badass: Tony Jaa. There was no question that this guy was a serious talent, and ready to accept the title of Top Movie Asskicker from some of the more aging martial arts stars. Using no wires, no CGI, and possessing some serious guts, Jaa had a raw physicality that reminded a lot of folks of Jackie Chan's younger more dangerous days.

Thus, I was extremely excited to check out this kickass promo reel of Ong Bak 2 over at Twitch. Holy smokes. The clip is pretty much three-plus nonstop minutes of dirty, bone-breaking action. Awesome. The movie is Jaa's third leading role and his directorial debut, and appears to have nothing to do with the original Ong Bak. I can live with that. Just give me that action. I don't know when we'll get to see it here stateside. For now, enjoy watching the clip: Tony Jaa Brings The Pain!

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