sikh american sues disney for discrimination

The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund has filed a class action religious discrimination lawsuit against Walt Disney World Company on behalf of Mr. Sukhbir Channa and the Sikh American community, for refusing to hire him on the basis of his Sikh turban.

Channa, a practicing Sikh Amerian, applied for a job with Disney in September 2006 but was told that he couldn't be hired unless he removed his religiously-mandated turban. He was also told that he didn't have "the Disney look," whatever the hell that means: Disney in soup over no-turban mandate.

Witnesses have filed affidavits in Channa's support. The lawsuit seeks financial damages and a court order barring Disney from ever discriminating against prospective Sikh employees. Review a copy of the complaint here (PDF). And check out SALDEF's statement on the case here: Walt Disney Sued for Alleged Religious Discrimination.

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