woman killed in chinatown truck crash

More bad news for the Fung Wah bus... This week in New York's Chinatown, a woman was killed and four were injured when a commercial dump truck rammed a parked bus, sending it hurtling onto the sidewalk: Woman Is Killed When Truck Hits Bus in Chinatown. 57-year-old Lai Ho died, apparently of a heart attack, after she was struck by a sign that was knocked down as she tried to cross the street. The driver of the bus and three passengers were hospitalized.

This accident, of course, is no fault of Fung Wah, a discount long-distance bus company which has had its share of mishaps. Bad luck. Of course, this New York Post headline kind of makes it sound like it was yet another Fung Wah bus crash: CHINATOWN BUS CRASH KILLS ONE PERSON. Those crazy Chinatown buses...

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