bryan clay, decathlon asskicker

This week at the U.S. Olympic trials, 28-year-old decathlete Bryan Clay achieved a record-setting score of 8,832 points (his personal best), paving the way for him to compete in Beijing this August. And he's going to kick some ass: Clay's furious five-event finish pushes him to decathlon win.

During 11 hours of grueling competition, Clay burned roughly 8,000 calories and lost roughly 15 pounds as he ran hurdles, threw a discus, vaulted over a pole, heaved a javelin and ran four times around the track. Daaaaamn. It won him his third U.S. title: A Tired Clay Rallies, Clinches Olympic Bid.

Clay also set the Olympic trials record and posted the highest total for an American in 16 years and the highest in the world for the last four years. His previous best had been 8,732 points in 2005. More here: Bryan Clay leaves doubts in the dust. He's definitely one to watch this summer.

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