ed park's personal days

Here's a New York Times book review of Personal Days, the recently published first novel by Ed Park: Cubicle Rats. Based on the review, and some of the other things I've heard about the book, it sounds like a really funny, witty observation on contemporary office work/life. Anyone who has spent any miserable amount of time making a living in such a setting (myself included) will probably be able to relate. Another book to add to my list.

Author Ed Park is the a former editor of Voice Literary Supplement, a founding editor of The Believer magazine and the creator of the e-zine the New York Ghost. Here's a recent interview with him I came across in LAist, which describes Personal Days as "Office Space + shades of The Good Shepherd with a dash of invasion of the Body Snatchers tossed in": LAist Interview: Ed Park, founding editor of The Believer and author of Personal Days.

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