former l.a. city commissioner convicted of corruption

Last week in Los Angeles, a jury found former city commissioner Leland Wong guilty of public corruption: Leland Wong convicted on 14 felony corruption counts. Wong, an apppointee of former Mayor James K. Hahn, and a longtime member of the city's volunteer commissions overseeing city contracts, was found guilty on 14 felony counts, and not guilty of seven other corruption charges.

The most significant verdict involved the charge that Wong received $100,000 in bribes in a secret Hong Kong account from Ren-Gung Shyu, executive vice president of Taipei-based Evergreen Marine Corp. The payment was an enticement to get the giant Taiwanese shipping line more space at the Port of Los Angeles. In exchange, Wong exerted his influence as a member of the city's airport commission in order to benefit the firm.

Wong is a second-generation Chinese American raised in Los Angeles' Chinatown who rose to low-profile positions of power. Wong curried enough political favor with L.A. mayors Tom Bradley, Richard Riordan and James K. Hahn to serve for nearly 14 continuous years on the biggest city commissions. He now faces a potential sentence of more than 10 years. Busted.

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