the mandarin juicer is still alive and kicking

Gothamist reports on Alessi's Mandarin Citrus Juicer, that pesky kitchen item shaped like a stereotypical Asian caricature, right down to the slanty eyes: Pinkberry Mandarin Citrus Juicer Sparks Outrage. It's been recently spotted at various Pinkberry yogurt locations, where they display comparably "cute" household design items as decor and for sale.

Anger over the Mandarin Juicer prompted some folks to start the Drop the Juicer campaign, which actually appears to be successful. Gothamist notes that Pinkberry claims that the Juicer is now being removed from all Pinkberry stores. Of course, this doesn't mean the Mandarin Juicer will ever really go away.

Longtime readers will remember Alessi's Juicer actually first showed up on these pages about six or seven years ago. It sparked outrage back then too, and after some bad publicity, it seemed like they were being pulled from store shelves... only to pop up again recently at Pinkberry.

The Juicers are like cockroaches. The damn things don't ever seem to die. They just live on to inspire more stupid racist products like this one and this one.

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