mccain meeting with bobby jindal

Some more Vice Presidential buzz surrounding Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal... John McCain is apparently set to meet with Jindal this week during a trip to New Orleans, according to sources close to the campaign: McCain To Meet With Jindal.

While Jindal has continually expressed that he's not interested in the VP job, we seem to keep coming back to this. As much as the recently-elected governor wants to take care of business in his state, if the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee comes calling, you hear him out.

The meeting with Jindal suggests that McCain is deeply engaged in the process of picking a running-mate, and Jindal—widely touted as the future of the Republican party—is under serious consideration. Could this actually happen? Could we actually be looking at the possiblity of an Indian American nominee for Vice President of the United States?

Let's face it, if McCain picked Jindal it would have a huge impact, not only the race but for the re-branding of the GOP. Jindal would put a whole new face on a party that is widely seen by voters as controlled by old white men. I've recently gone from thinking "no way in hell" to "wow, this could actually happen." We will see.

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